Residential / Commercial Window Cleaning- Serving Metro Detroit, Oakland County, Macomb County Michigan
Commercial Window Cleaning
Serving Mt Clemens Michigan Since 1976

 - Fully Insured -

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 Office Buildings/ Business Parks

If you need the windows cleaned at your office building, we are the ones to call.
Since 1976 we have been serving our customers on their commercial properties.

We can access the buildings windows in a variety of ways.
There is pretty much no window that we can't get to.

- We can drop down from above, or climb to it from the ground.
- We can even clean them from the ground.

Three Story Commercial Window Cleaning_Extension Ladder

 Storefronts / Shopping Centers / Retail Shop / Restaurants

We clean the windows at a number of restaurants around town.  
(from Ann Arbor to New Baltimore- Dearborn to Troy.)

Quite often managers or employees will compliment us on our work-  
"the windows look great."
But what we like to remind them is that sills and frames are just as important.

Any of our regularly maintained storefront and restaurant customers will have
 that can pass "the white glove test."

It might go unnoticed by most... but it's good to know.

 Window Cleaning- Storefronts, Shopping Centers, Retail Stores

Hotel Suites

Hotels have a unique set of circumstances when it comes to 'timing.'
There is a small window of opportunity to clean, between check in
and check out.

We understand that, and have the flexibility to get their at that perfect time.
Also we have the crews that are large enough to get in and out in a prompt
and timely fashion.

Industrial / Manufacturing Facility

Industrial facilities may have unique times that cleaning must be

We understand this, and offer the flexibility to accommodate.
- evenings and nights are possible solutions.


Commercial Window Cleaning-
Macomb County, Mt Clemens,

 We are also Residential Window Cleaners