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Gutter and Downspout Cleaning
w/ Digital Photo Confirmation


 Simple answer: your gutters are most likely overflowing because 
your downspouts are clogged.

But what you should know in more detail is...
 - Why they are clogged
 - Where water will end up, and its path to get there

Our Service
- Inspect gutters for clogged downspouts
- Clean out all debris in the gutter channel
- Clear downspouts, allowing continued flow
- Seek out/report any problem areas

 Overflowing Gutters caused by a blocked downspout


More often than most, your gutters are filled with leaves that fall, well... in the Fall.
While that is the most common, it's not the most interesting.

 Top 5: Most Common Items Found In Your Gutters (besides leaves)
5) Brick Material -  from decaying chimneys
4) Roofing Nails -  often in long rolls
3) Shingles -  typically a solid piece covering your downspout
2) Shingle Grit - Creates a dam with the consistency of wet beach sand
1) Tennis Balls (the current record is 9 at one house)

What's the oddest thing we've seen in gutters?  
Frogs- very small frogs.

(not sure how they get up there, but these guys love the standing water.)
           Small Frog in Gutters

The Path To Your Basement

Once the water in your gutter reaches the point of overflow, it usually has two ways it can go.
The most common way is over the front, which is the most visible to you, from the ground.

The second way is not so obvious- behind the gutter seeking a path to the ground.
This is where things can get scary...

Any sort of gap or hole (tiny as it may be) may allow water to enter your home.
As gravity pulls the water downward, it could slowly deteriorate a small portion of walls.

Gutter flashing is used to protect the house from this type of damage, but it's not foolproof.
And if you haven't purchased your home "new" you may not actually know for sure if it's actually
secured properly behind the gutter.

Better yet, if there has been a previous 'shoddy repair job' that you'd never know about until it's too late.


"While We're Up There"

While we are cleaning your gutters, as a courtesy, we will seek out problem areas.  
We may be able to catch an issue before it become a real problem.

- The above are actual images that we took while cleaning current customers gutters.

A quick and inexpensive gutter cleaning now, 
could save you money and stress later.

- Prompt service is our competitive advantage.
If you notice leaking/ overflow... call us now!

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