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We have been serving Oakland County for nearly 40 years.  And we've earned, literally, thousands of customers.
For each new customer, we do whatever possible to turn them into a loyal, repeat.  
This is the explanation of our longevity.

We have a lot to lose if we don't gain you as a customer...
But we have EVERYTHING to lose if we don't keep you as one.

Commercial Pressure WashingConcrete - Parking Structure - Office Parks  - Walkways - Entrances

In certain situations, your building may be tougher to access with ladders 
or other traditional methods.  
In fact, any building over three floors will probably be too high
for ladder access.

This is not a problem for us.  We have the gear and the equipment to access pretty much any area we need to.

Our roof rig setup can get us (safely) up close to the sides of
the building
- we simply 'drop down' and get to work.

The front of this building faced West and only had two floors.
But it was built onto the side of a steep hill that had an additional floor on the east side.

Residential Pressure Washing: - Decks - Vinyl Siding - Driveways - Roof Washing - Brick

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Before and After

These images were from the same building taken two days apart. 
These images have NOT been edited in any way.

The first image was just before we set up to begin the pressure washing.  The second was as we were completing the job.
The building was still wet, so there may appear to be some discoloration, but once it dried, it was pretty much spotless.
 Day One: Before Pressure Washing  Day Two- Finishing Up