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We have been serving Farmington Hills for nearly 40 years- Our business is thriving and we love our jobs!
To put our longevity into perspective, think back to what YOU were doing... in 1976


Typically, the first question potential customers ask is "how much will it cost?"

So, let's answer that question, first...

This is a quick guide to our pricing, according to the amount of windows you may have.

We also offer interior cleaning.  But this pricing is for exterior cleaning, which is our most common request.

* Our pricing is fair and competitive.  And we are happy to come out and give you a detailed quote, in person.

Smaller Home
starting at $49

Medium Home
starting at $69

Large Home
starting at $79

Cost to have your first floor home windows cleaned
Exterior Window Cleaning
(typically 12-15 windows)

 Window Cleaning Estimate for Medium Sized Home
Exterior Window Cleaning
(typically 15-20 windows w/ some 2nd floor)

 Large Home Window Cleaning Estimate
Exterior Window Cleaning
(typically 20+
 windows w/ 2nd floor)

* One "Window" consists of 2 panes of glass

For details please call or e-mail
Independents Window Cleaning
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- You Will Be Pleased With Our Results

- You DO NOT Pay Until You Are Satisfied

- There Will Be No "Training On The Job"

- We Are Meticulous

- We Are Courteous, Respectful, and Professional          
- You Are The Boss!

It's worth noting that when we come to do an interior cleaning, we will start on the first floor.

(this may go against the assumption of 'working our way down' from the upstairs)

This allows you to see our process immediately, which we find makes customers at ease with having workers in their house.
Clean drop cloths, ladder padding, and furniture covers are used on every job.

We use clean water for our solution, and new squeegee rubbers. This helps to eliminate any streaks.
- You will also have your screens cleaned, at no extra charge, with a combined Interior/Exterior service.

Cleaned windows is the number one return on investment as measured by a higher selling price


You can choose annual, quarterly, and monthly residential window cleaning schedules.  This choice is completely flexible.
Obviously, the more frequently you have your windows done, the less likely that you will have accumulation of dirt and debris.

Weather and location are the two biggest factors in how dirty your windows will get.

As you already know, Farmington Hills has a lot of trees in the area.
This tends to bring a lot of 'bugs' and birds during the summer months.

And Michigan Winter can bring a lot of salt dust accumulation
on your glass.

This is increased for those living near main roads like
Orchard Lk, Drake, Halstead, and the Mile Roads.

Recommended Schedule for Farmington Hills:
- Bi-Monthly Exterior Cleanings
- Interior Cleaning at least twice per year

Over the years, we've served, literally, thousands of customers.  And for each new one, we do whatever possible to turn them
 into a loyal/ repeat.  
We may have a lot to lose if we don't gain you as a customer...But we have everything to lose if we can't keep you as one!

 Office Buildings/ Business Parks

If you need the windows cleaned at your office building, we are the ones to call.
Since 1976 we have been serving our customers on their commercial properties.

We can access the buildings windows in a variety of ways.
There is pretty much no window that we can't get to.

- We can drop down from above, or climb to it from the ground.
- We can even clean them from the ground.

Three Story Commercial Window Cleaning_Extension Ladder

 Storefronts / Shopping Centers / Retail Shop / Restaurants

We clean the windows at a number of restaurants around town.  
(from Ann Arbor to New Baltimore- Dearborn to Troy.)

Quite often managers or employees will compliment us on our work-  
"the windows look great."
But what we like to remind them is that sills and frames are just as important.

Any of our regularly maintained storefront and restaurant customers will have
 that can pass "the white glove test."

It might go unnoticed by most... but it's good to know.

 Window Cleaning- Storefronts, Shopping Centers, Retail Stores


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