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Frequency Of Window Cleaning For Your Home

When deciding how often to have windows cleaned, you should ask yourself this question…

Do I want to keep my windows clean?” – or- “Do I want to have dirty windows cleaned?”

This question is not meant to be clever, and we hope you take it literally. Either way is fine with us, but if you consider yourself fastidious about your home, we suggest trying to stick with our recommended schedule.

You can choose annual, quarterly, and monthly residential window cleaning schedules. The choice is complertely flexible.

Obviously, the more frequently you have them washed, the less likely that you will have accumulation of dirt and debris.

Weather and location are the two biggest factors in just how dirty they will get.

Troy has a mixture of residential neighborhoods and Office Parks.  The area has a lot of large, old trees as well.

This tends to bring a lot of bugs and birds during the warmer months.

During a “Michigan Winter” salt and dust can accumulate on your glass.

Living near a main road like Adams, Livernois, or Mile Rds makes matters even worse.

Our Recommended Schedule For Troy, Mi:

– Exterior cleanings either quarterly or bi-monthly

– Interior cleanings twice per year (Spring/Fall)